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Hebei Qinghe Automobile and Parts Industry Nanjing Exchange Conference Held

Hebei Qinghe Automobile and Parts Industry Nanjing Exchange Conference Held

Hebei Qinghe Automobile and Parts Industry Nanjing Exchange Conference Held

  Chinanews.com Hebei News, November 3rd. Recently, the Nanjing Exchange Conference of Hebei Qinghe Automobile and Parts Industry was held. The theme of the conference was "Industrial Power, Charming Qinghe".
  This event adopted the model of "government + industry association + media + development zone + automobile and parts companies", and carried out a series of activities such as webcast, industry summit, environmental promotion, etc., and Tian Xiaoling, acting vice president of Volvo Cars China was hired on the spot. 10 An industry expert is the "Qinghe Honorary Economic Advisor".
  At the meeting, relevant representatives from Nanjing expressed their hope to deepen exchanges and friendly cooperation with Qinghe, so that both parties can achieve high-quality development.
  Subsequently, Jiangning National Development Zone and Qinghe Economic Development Zone signed the "Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone and Hebei Qinghe Economic Development Zone Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" to jointly promote in-depth cooperation in automobiles and parts and wider areas.
  According to reports, Nanjing Langjin Technology Group invested in the construction of new energy vehicle core parts manufacturing projects, Liaoning Guangyan Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of intelligent road rescue side-mounted wrecker trucks, and Nanjing Easy Charge Motor Service Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of new On-site contracts were signed for the integration of energy vehicles and piles, Nanjing Yuzhong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. investment and construction of new energy vehicle transmission assembly lines. (Wang Yan)
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