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What is the difference between casting, spinning and forging

What is the difference between casting, spinning and forging

What is the difference between casting, spinning and forging

  In recent years, China's auto industry has made great progress, and China's auto modification industry has also emerged. More and more young car owners like to modify their cars. In many modification projects, the most entry point is to refit the wheels. A set of excellent modified wheels can not only reduce the unsprung quality of the car to improve the handling performance, but also improve the compelling standard to a large extent.
  In the "Workflow for Motor Vehicle Inspection" (GA801-2019) released on September 1, 2019, the restrictions on wheel modification were initially released. However, many riders have guilty of selection difficulties when buying wheels. What the hell are casting, spinning, and forging? Which one of these various processes is the best?
  cast wheels
  However, unlike most original wheel hubs that use thicker spokes to ensure product strength, some large wheel manufacturers will also redesign the wheel style and improve the process to make more design cast wheels. For example, I personally The favorite WORK Equip 03 wheels use low-pressure casting technology.
  In general, cast wheels are a magic weapon for large-scale industrial production by OEMs. Of course, if you are a potted plant refitting player who pays attention to attitude, you can also add some handsome cast wheels to your shopping list.
  spinning wheel
  Spinning process has become very popular in recent years. The spinning process is essentially a kind of casting, but its rim part has also undergone rotary stamping by a spinning machine on the basis of casting. During the spinning process, many impurities in the wheel hub are squeezed out, the aluminum alloy molecules are tighter, the strength and toughness of the wheel hub is stronger, and the weight is lighter.
  The price of the higher-end forged wheels of spinning wheels is much lower, and the strength and quality are also close to forged wheels. It is a choice between casting and forging.
  The most well-known spinning wheel manufacturer is Japan’s ENKEI, whose original MAT technology guarantees the excellent quality of its wheel products. At the same time, major domestic manufacturers such as ARTKA, Avalon, and MMX are known for manufacturing high-quality and inexpensive spinning wheels. For consumers who have limited costs and have a certain pursuit of lightweight, they may wish to choose the works of domestic manufacturers.
  Forged wheels
  Forged wheels can be said to be the nobles of wheels. Different from low-pressure casting, forged wheels are pressed by a forging press that can produce thousands of tons of pressure. The molecular structure is very close, the strength and toughness are very good, and the quality Very light, but due to the relatively complicated production process, the price is higher.
  The forged wheel market is a must for major wheel manufacturers. International manufacturers such as BBS, RAYS, and Forging Rongsha are known for their high-quality forged wheels, and their works often have a single price starting at 3000. , It is not uncommon for some flagship products to sell for more than ten thousand units. At present, major domestic manufacturers are also involved in the forging wheel industry. In addition to the three domestic manufacturers I mentioned earlier, the design-oriented Face Wheels has also been sought after by modified car fans in recent years, and the products are very good.
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