The restructuring of the automotive industry chain brings new opportunities to parts companies


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  At the 2020 China Automotive Supply Chain Conference held a few days ago, participants said that the current automotive industry chain is accelerating the restructuring, which brings new development opportunities for component companies. Especially under the major opportunities for the development of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, the automotive industry chain must focus on the development of electrification and intelligent innovation, strive to overcome core technologies, solve the "stuck neck" problem, accelerate cross-industry integration, and seize development opportunity.

  Ensure the safety of the industrial chain

  It is worth noting that the predecessor of the China Automotive Supply Chain Conference was the "China Auto Parts Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum". Relevant people in the industry said that the change in the name of this year's event reflects to some extent our understanding of the laws of industrial development and the essential improvement of our ability to develop the industry.

  The automobile industry chain has a long vertical extension and a wide cross-border integration. Building a smooth and safe industrial chain and supply chain is the foundation of the development of the automobile industry.

  In the eyes of Fu Bingfeng, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, with the rapid development of electrification, intelligence, and connectivity, the auto parts industry has ushered in a broader opportunity for innovation and development. "We have the world’s largest automobile consumer market and a relatively complete manufacturing system. At present, at least 50% of the world’s auto parts manufacturing is related to China, and the world’s major auto parts giants have invested and built factories in China. They regard China as In order to establish a foothold in manufacturing bases in Asia and even the world, most of the R&D and testing centers are located in China. The integrated vehicle technology has been developed locally, which has a huge boost to component technology innovation."

  Li Shaohua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Minister of Industry Development, said that in the process of planning and development research, he paid great attention to the development of the industrial chain, supply chain and auto parts industry. Judging from the current development situation, the operating trend of the parts industry is consistent with the entire automotive industry, and it has also entered a stage of fluctuation adjustment. At the same time, the industrial chain cluster effect is very obvious.

  Li Shaohua said that one of the typical characteristics of the current industry is the formation of a cluster of parts and components with large vehicle companies as the core. The support of various local governments to build industrial clusters of characteristic parts and components is also a good foundation for the formation of regional industries. At present, the entire industrial chain and supply chain have a certain degree of vertical integration capabilities. Especially under the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of this year, my country's automobile supply chain has shown strong stability, and the industrial chain's anti-risk ability has been further improved.

Regarding the construction of the automotive industry chain, some people in the industry said that it is necessary to improve and unblock the industry chain, ensure that the industry chain has enough volume, can truly circulate and unblock, keep the bottom line, and ensure the safety of the industry chain; the industry chain must be healthy and independent, and use More technologies will strengthen the development of the industrial chain; the industrial chain must be continuously expanded to promote inclusive and coordinated development; the industrial chain must be coordinated, efficient, complementary and integrated, with both quality and measurement.

  The automobile industry is currently one of the industries with the largest single product in my country's manufacturing industry, and it is also one of the industries with the most attention from all parties. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy. Chen Bin, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said that parts and components are the core of the safety issue of the automotive industry chain and the foundation of the automotive industry. “Since the reform and opening up, one of the greatest achievements of my country’s auto industry is the rapid development of the auto parts industry, which has supported China’s auto industry, which has the world’s largest production and sales scale for more than ten consecutive years, and has also supported the development and development of joint venture auto brands. The development of my country's independent automobile brands."

  Huge development opportunities

  In recent years, my country's automobile industry has made great progress. Among them, the auto parts industry has played an important supporting role. Among auto export commodities, auto parts are even more dominant.

  Li Shaohua pointed out that China has become the world's largest new car market, and the number of new cars has been increasing. With the growth of the market, China's automobile manufacturing and product technology levels have been in line with international standards, and electrification and new-generation information technology are leading the next development of the industry. In particular, the accelerated development of new energy vehicles has formed a good foundation for development. In addition, the overseas business of complete vehicles and parts has been advancing steadily, the total import and export volume has been continuously increasing, and a group of parts and components enterprises with comparative advantages have been expanding in scale and have begun to enter the global supporting system.

  Li Shaohua said that the new round of technological revolution provides broad space and unlimited opportunities for industrial transformation. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has increased the difficulty of industrial transformation, but it has also forced the industry to accelerate its transformation. In the future, the automobile industry will present the possibility of changes in the industrial chain, products, marketing, and manufacturing. Reform, innovation, integration and openness have become the themes of the future development of the automotive industry.

  Among them, software has brought about changes in the definition of automotive product functions, and new channels such as mobile energy storage, data, and information have also expanded the profitability of vehicles and parts, and brought opportunities for enterprises in the industrial chain and supply chain. In addition, the restructuring of the industrial chain brings opportunities for innovation and development to component companies, and more and more automotive-centric ecosystems are emerging, which has injected new vitality into the traditional automotive industry. Cross-industry integrated development and mutual empowerment will become one of the important ways for future industry development.

  Relevant people said that the electrification and intelligence of automobiles are the general trend, and it is also a historical opportunity for the Chinese automobile industry to go from following to surpassing and leading, which will change the supply chain form of the automobile industry. The industrial chain and supply chain will bring a broader and richer development space, and will bring development opportunities to various enterprises such as domestic and foreign production services and R&D.

  speed up the shortcomings

  At present, although my country's auto parts industry has achieved considerable development, there is still huge room for improvement. "Overall, the core issue of building a safe and controllable automobile industry chain is to accelerate the development of the parts industry, make up for shortcomings, strengthen the long-span, and push it to move towards the mid-to-high-end level of the value chain, so that it can strongly support the sustainability of my country's independent brand vehicles. Healthy development." Chen Bin said.

  Chen Bin said that insufficient industrial integration is one of the important reasons for the problems of my country's automobile industry chain. The shortcomings of the automotive industry chain representatively reflect the shortcomings of my country's manufacturing industry. In particular, the three key links of industrial special materials, industrial software and control systems, special production equipment and inspection systems have always been subject to others.

For this reason, Chen Bin suggested that we should break down industry barriers, promote cross-integration of multiple fields, weaken professional and departmental barriers, break industry boundaries and resource division, open up corporate walls, and promote the automobile industry and software industry, materials industry, and new energy industry. Exchanges, cooperation and integration and innovation among other related industries, to fill up the gaps in research and development in multidisciplinary fields, and strive to make breakthroughs in automotive electronics and automotive mechatronics components.

  In addition, vehicle companies and parts companies must innovate collaboratively, have a spirit of helping each other and a sense of crisis, maintain a good relationship between the whole system, and build a safe and controllable industrial chain system. Users, enterprises, automobile and parts enterprises take the lead, and make joint efforts of production, study, research and application to make breakthroughs in special automobile production equipment and special inspection systems. Relevant government departments should set up a special plan for a smooth industrial chain, sort out all obstructions and unclear parts of the automobile industrial chain, draw up a list, work together, and integrate innovation.

  Some industry experts also said that our shortcomings and bottlenecks have become more prominent after the epidemic in terms of core secondary components and raw materials such as automotive-grade chips, sensors, and rubber. We must give full play to the role of the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund, the National Manufacturing Industry Transformation and Upgrade Fund, etc., play the leading role of investment in the form of marketization, and work together with the majority of enterprises to create more innovative results and promote the high-quality development of China's automotive industry chain , Leading a new round of global auto parts development.

  At the same time, component companies should strengthen their awareness of integrating into the ecosystem, give play to their traditional advantages, use new technologies and new models to achieve transformation and development, and seize opportunities in the process of industrial chain restructuring.

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The restructuring of the automotive industry chain brings new opportunities to parts companies

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