How to face the new normal? Three key transformations of the machinery industry


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  The Industrial Technology Research Institute recently observed the industry development trend in 2021 and pointed out that the machinery industry, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, estimates that the output value in 2020 will decrease by 10.5% compared with 2019. In response to the post-epidemic new normal, the Industrial Technology Research Institute also put forward three key transformations, emphasizing that the machinery industry needs to grasp new business opportunities and accelerate industrial digital transformation.

  In 2020, affected by the double impact of the Sino-US trade war and the epidemic, many global manufacturing industries will be severely impacted on both ends of supply and demand. After the epidemic, a more important issue is how to face the new normal after the epidemic.

Xiong Zhimin, Manager of the Machinery and Manufacturing System Research Department of the Institute of Obstetrics, Industrial Technology Research Institute, pointed out that Sino-US frictions still exist after the epidemic, and the epidemic has exposed the concern of excessive concentration of production capacity overseas and a single country, so many multinational companies will accelerate the second Production base layout. On the other hand, the epidemic also reflects the real-time supply chain operation model derived from the cost-oriented past, and the real-time vulnerability in the face of a wide range of external events. Therefore, how to strike a balance between globalization and regional production and continue to strengthen supply chain resilience It is also an important issue for the manufacturing industry under the post-epidemic situation.

  In the face of the new development needs and operating environment in the future, Xiong Zhimin therefore suggested that the machinery industry needs to accurately grasp new business opportunities and accelerate the improvement of corporate physique and competitiveness. Xiong Zhimin further pointed out that the industry should grasp three key points, including grasping the business opportunities of zero-touch, unmanned, remote and decentralized production requirements brought about by the epidemic and regional production, such as networking, cloud platform, AR/VR technology, etc. Remote monitoring of production equipment, health diagnosis, remote operation instructions, and robotics and automation solutions used in manufacturing and service fields.

  Secondly, it is to develop or provide various types of machinery and production systems that can help the manufacturing industry to strengthen the resilience of the supply chain. For example, 3D printing equipment, modular production equipment with high flexibility, and customized manufacturing service capabilities that enable customers to quickly build production systems through Digital Twins.

  Finally, it is to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. Through digital tools and platforms, the level of digitalization of value activities such as design, manufacturing, sales, and service will be improved, thereby improving overall operation and operating efficiency, reducing overall operating costs, and developing to meet customer needs And new business models that create value.

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